27 June 2017

Rimmel London Super Gel Nails

Being a blogger certainly has it's little perks, one of these being that I somehow landed myself on Rimmel London's PR list, which is crazy and I am so forever thankful for. Every so often I receive a super pretty metallic jiffy bag through my letterbox with a new release of theirs, the latest being the new Super Gel* nail polish shades. 

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't wear nail polish and since I am a qualified beauty therapist trained in Gelish, I usually opt for gel polish over the standard polish you'd pick up on the high street. Although Gelish is lovely and it lasts a good two weeks, it takes longer to apply, it's not a lot of fun to remove and it's quite expensive to buy with a new colour costing around £20. When these new Super Gel shades landed on my doorstep I jumped right in to trying them, I removed my gel polish and decided to try each and every shade, its been a while since I've had such funky looking nails!

There are five new shades which include Flamenco Beach, a staple red, Sun Fun Daze, a hot pink, Coral Queen a super summery orange, Dive Right In, a lovely turquoise and finally Purple Splash which is a light toned lilac. Every shade is really pretty and they are perfect for this time of year, of course my favourites have to be the lilac and hot pink. There are two simple steps to the Super Gel range, there is no need for a base coat which means it takes even less time to get the gel look, you apply two coats of your chosen shade then top if off with the top coat and you're done, there is no need for a UV lamp.

The one disadvantage to using polish without a UV lamp is that you have to wait for it to dry, like regular nail polish, however I found that Super Gel dried really quickly and I could continue with my usual daily duties after around thirty minutes of application, I left around 60 seconds between each coat of polish. I've been really impressed with the longevity of Super Gel which claims to last up to 14 days on the nails and its safe to say mine lasted a good 10 days with I was impressed with considering I work in a typing role in which my nails suffer a little.

When it comes to my nails I'm now opting for Super Gel over any my Relish shades as its just so easy to apply and it lasts just as good, its also super easy to remove and change the colour whenever you want to, it has made my life so much easier and its also a whole lot less expensive. Each shade in the Super Gel range costs just £5.99 with around 30 shades available, you then just need the top coat which is also £5.99 and you're good to go.

Have you tried this range yet?


23 June 2017

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi

Rose gold is so on trend right now and it's become one of my favourites, I am obsessed with anything that is rose gold and I am forever dreaming of a future home filled with white furniture and rose gold details. I've always been a silver over gold kinda' gal but when I discovered rose gold I just fell in love, the same way in which I fell in love with the brand new Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi watch in the rose gold option. I've always thought their watches were so beautiful and have dreamt of owning one so I couldn't believe it when they got in touch wanting to collaborate with me! Todays post is a little different from my usual content but I am feeling super excited that I am featuring a little bit of fashion on my blog!

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch brand who offer several different stunning watches for men and women, all of which are very reasonably priced and will arrive beautifully packaged straight to your door. This new particular watch is perfect for me as its girly, made with rose gold and its dainty.

I only started to wear a watch when I turned 19, I went to London for the day with my parents and they treated me to a beautiful Olivia Burton watch that I still wear to this day. I then invested in a Fitbit which took the place of my watch so now I switch from day to day between a watch and my Fitbit, depending on what I'm doing and where I will be going. I think a watch is such a lovely statement piece of jewellery to go with any outfit, its usually the only piece of jewellery I will wear alongside my Tiffany necklace. 

The Classic Petite Bondi is a brand new watch on the market and is available in rose gold or silver which both come with the lovely white strap and white dial, very minimalistic and perfect to co-ordinate with so many outfits. The style is beautiful and it feels very comfortable to wear as its the perfect size, especially if you're a lady with smaller wrists. Some watches can be a little too big and overpowering yet this style is lovely and dainty whilst still looking super smart and mature. The watch is also very lightweight which makes it even easier to wear and it feels as though there is nothing on the wrist when its worn.

This watch has definitely landed itself a home in my collection for good and it's become my go to watch, it's just so lovely to try something new and have something a little different to wear that works with so many of my day to day outfits, it's also very smart and professional for me to wear to work. If you are thinking of treating yourself to the lovely Bondi watch you can use discount code ALICEMAYSNELL15 to receive 15% off your order, this includes any item from the Daniel Wellington website too. You'll need to be quick as the offer expires on 15th July!

Have you had any experience with Daniel Wellington before?

*This watch was kindly gifted to me by Daniel Wellington in exchange for a blog post review, all opinions are mine and are 100% honest as always.

19 June 2017

Essential Blog Props

Recently I've been trying to up my photography quality and I've become slightly obsessed with blog props, if you're a blogger and you love taking photographs you'll probably be well aware of the hype around blog props lately and how many people are using them to really enhance photographs. For me I now find myself using several different props in my photographs as I feel it really adds that little something extra to them and I feel they look a lot more professional. 

Blog props are becoming more and more popular and there are so many different things out there now that you can buy that are really beautiful for photographs however having a collection of props certainly doesn't happen overnight and if you see something you like, you have to grab it there and then or you'll miss out! It's only the past few months that I've really gone wild with buying new bits and bobs and I've managed to accumulate quite a few different pieces that work really well for my blog, without breaking the bank. I'll be sharing with you my favourite items I have discovered to use as blog props and where you can get them.

I usually opt for a white background, for this I use a piece of white A3 foam board that I picked up from Hobbycraft for £4. I also have a roll of marble sticky back plastic that I got from Wilko which works really nicely with my colour scheme and it makes a beautiful background, I covered one of my foam boards with this to make it portable. 

This is likely an obvious choice and if you're a regular reader of my blog you'll see that I love a good notebook, I actually have an entire drawer full that I only ever use for my photos! My favourite places for buying pretty stationery at the moment, I am obsessed with copper and marble, are Sainsbury's, IKEA, Home Bargains, TK Maxx and online stores such as Coconut Lane. As well as notebooks I love to use things such as pretty paperclips, bulldog clips and pencils. 

Flowers and plants
I've become obsessed with buying tulips lately in all different colours, the only thing about these is that they just don't last long enough, I only ever manage to get a couple of post photos out of one set but they are definitely worth it. I also love to use other plants such as fake plants from New Look or I pop to my local florist and ask for pieces of eucalyptus, gypsophila and any other pieces that look pretty. 

Magazines and books
I always buy the latest issue of Cosmopolitan and Glamour anyway but these come in really handy when you just want to add a little something to a photo, I love the pages where its just a block of writing as they look really smart and add a lot of definition. You can use magazines in so many photos as its such a great universal prop, they also come in super handy for Instagram posts too! I'd like to invest in some pretty books such as Girlboss to use in my upcoming photos.

Trays and mugs
There are so many super cute trays, mugs and other pieces available on the market now. I have picked up a lovely grey plastic tray from IKEA in the past and recently found a gold cat shaped dish from ASDA, both of which were super affordable. I really like to use slogan mugs in my photos as they are a great item to use for just generic shots, they also look lovely when blurred in the background.

Copper and rose gold
I've recently become so obsessed with anything that is copper or rose gold, the colours are just so pretty and really fit in with my blog theme, I find myself adding something to pretty much every photo I take now! Some great pieces I have are the stationery pots and pencils from Sainsbury's, a small makeup bag from Hobbycraft and I always find myself using my Beau Belle rose gold makeup brushes lately. All of the items I use are a great way to add a little colour, warmth and definition to your photos.

Clothing and ribbons
This is probably the most recent of props I have started to use in my photos and that is pieces of clothing and ribbons. I have a baby pink jumper as shown above that is such a pretty colour and its a great way to layer items in your photo or add something to the edges of the frame, to avoid any nasty shadows. I've seen other bloggers use really pretty lace clothing items which also looks really lovely. I popped into my local Hobbycraft and picked up a few different ribbons, these are very inexpensive and again add that little something to any style of photo you are taking.

Makeup tools and jewellery 
Have you ever set up for a photo, taken a shot and feel as though something just feels a bit empty? You can add simple items such as makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, other makeup products and cute jewellery pieces to your photos and it can really liven the space up and add that little something to make your photos feel complete and perfected. Primark sell copper eyelash curlers for £1 so that's definitely a bargain I recommend any beauty blogger snapping up!

So there we have it, those are my current favourite blog props that I am finding myself using in pretty much all of my photos. It now feels really strange to take a photo without using any props and I am really starting to find and develop my photography style into one that I am loving.

What props do you use most in your photos?


14 June 2017

Latest In Beauty Cosmopolitan Holiday Edit

Beauty subscription boxes are something I never really saw myself trying, I'm a bit skeptical about spending my money on a box of products that may not really interest me however I've become a lot better at trying and experiencing new products lately, all thanks to the wonderful subscription services I've tried. I will admit that some boxes can be a little off-putting, especially if they just contain a load of samples, but some are really worth the money and contain full-size products to try.

I recently picked up the Latest In Beauty Cosmopolitan Holiday Edit which I thought was totally new for this year but after a little research it seems it was also available last year. The beauty box contains £94 worth of holiday essential beauty products that you can grab for just £20, with a small  delivery charge of £3.95 unless you can find a discount code. Although I'm not a big holiday go-er it is nice for me to have some summer suited products in my collection and you never know, we may have a super hot summer here in the UK some day! I am super impressed with the contents of this box as you receive so many products, so let's take a look at the contents of this years Holiday Edit.


08 June 2017

Janina Ultra White Teeth Whitening

Having a clean bright smile is quite a thing for me, I got into teeth whitening a couple of years ago and since then I've trialled quite a few different products and brands that offer whitening products. It's National Smile Month from 15th May to 15th June and the lovely brand Janina challenged me to try some of their whitening products to achieve a brighter smile. Janina products are made from fruit enzymes so they are claimed to offer a less harmful whitening experience than many other products on the market, this intrigued me as I am very keen to use products that aren't harmful to my teeth.

Alice May Snell