21 December 2014

A Beautiful Palette by Bare Minerals

You may or may not already know that I am a pretty big fan of the brand Bare Minerals, I really love their original products and I've used them for years. Over the past year or so, they have introduced the  'Ready' range to their brand, this includes face products and eye products, of course being such a fan, I had to try some! I actually tried the new Ready Foundation and hated it, which was very disappointing as I absolutely love the original foundation. A few weeks ago I picked up this gorgeous eyeshadow quad that I feel you all need to know about! The colours are beautiful and are well suited to everyday or around this time of year, the packaging is also super appropritate for Christmas time. 


12 December 2014

The Body Shop Lovin'

A couple of months ago, I'd never tried anything from The Body Shop and now I am officially addicted. I have been sent some pretty amazing voucher codes in the past months, the particular code that stuck out to me this time was 50% off when you spend £50.00, meaning you could get your hands on £50.00 worth of products for £25.00! 

I managed to bag myself four products which I was extremely happy with, I ordered online and within a few days the products were delivered to my door. I was super impressed with the fast delivery, which was free due to spending over a certain amount - even better. 


07 December 2014

Christmas Beauty Wish List

This year, I have one hell of a Christmas list that I've had to turn into an overall life wish list, as there is just so much I would love, it's a little too much to ask for just for Christmas ;-). I have discovered and seen so many amazing products over the past few months, things that I would love to receive as a gift, instead of buying it just for myself. I really want to step into new brands, new products and broaden my collection, so I have included a few different things on my wish list this year, I do hope Santa thinks I've been good! 


05 December 2014

A Feel Unique Bargain

Feel Unique has to be one of my favourite places to buy my beauty products, they do some fantastic offers and the prices are a lot cheaper than other places such as Debenhams or official brand websites. I’m not entirely sure how they get away with selling these products cheaper, but I definitely don’t mind. 

With Feel Unique you can also set your favourite brand, in your account settings, this then entitles you to 10% off any product by that brand. Be warned that you can only change this brand every 3 months, so be sure to pick a brand you really love! 


02 December 2014

November Favourites

Happy December! November truly flew by this year, but we are not into the Christmas season and I am so so so super excited. There weren't many new products in my collection throughout November but there were a few fab little products that I have really been enjoying. 

Alice May Snell